Individual Learning

Photography tuition is not a one size fits all experience. While many people learn well in a group workshop, sometimes you need an individual learning experience. You may have specific needs which can’t easily be covered in a workshop format. Perhaps the workshop environment doesn’t suit you for one reason or another. An individual learning session can be the perfect solution.

Your individual learning sessions can be designed for a wide range of topics. It can also be designed to cover multiple topics in one session. Each session is designed to exactly fit your requirements.

You can book sessions from from one hour through to arranging a week long intensive learning experience. The sessions are charged from $150 per hour for short sessions to $800 for a full day even less as you book longer times. You can purchase time in blocks to save and split them up to suit your needs. Or you can decide to pay as you go to make it more manageable.

 Individual tuition isn't just for individuals. If you have a group of friends or are a member of a club which wanted to run a class, you could book a private class, design it to cover exactly what you want and split the costs.

For more information or to talk about what you can do with an individual learning session, call Andrew on 0402 120 502.

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