Seeing The Light

Seeing The Light

The Photographers Main Tool

Photography is all about light. The word photography literally means drawing with light. Without light, we have no photographs. Whether you are shooting with the most basic phone camera or a top of the range camera system, it doesn’t matter, cameras are just tools to capture the light. All of the controls and technology only let you control and record the light. The most important factor in the photographic process is the light itself.

The interaction of light and shade creates a perception of depth in our 2-dimensional photos. Different lighting can create dramatically different views of the same subject. Learning how the light can shape your subject and finding ways to manipulate the lighting to create different looks means we have a tool that can change the viewer’s perception of the subject.

Controlling brightness with aperture, shutter speed and ISO, these are tools that most people learn early in their photography but most only learn it in a basic way. What most people don’t learn is that the intensity of light doesn’t just affect our exposure, it affects the tonality of the photo. Understanding the relationship between light, metering and exposure allow you to better capture the image you imagine when you look at a scene.

The more you think about what the light is doing as it reflects from your subject and is recorded in the camera, the more you can understand how your images are created and why they can be different from our view of real life. This understanding allows you to better capture images that encapsulate your artistic vision. The more you understand light the easier it is to take the photos you want.

About the Workshop

This day-long workshop explores how light works photographically by discussing and demonstrating

  • the basic laws of light
  • how light affects our perception in photographs
  • the effects of diffusion, reflection and absorption
  • understanding the direction and quality of light
  • what we can do to modify the lighting on our subject
  • the colour of light, how to deal with it and how to use it
  • studio lights and modifiers
  • figure out how photos have been lit to create effects

The full day workshop is a mixture of demonstration and practical photography designed to give you a greater understanding of photographic light and how to use it to get the looks you want.