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Photography Workshops and Courses

In an effort to improve their photography, many people look to buy better equipment. You can spend a lot of money trying to buy equipment to get better photos when investing in some education will often produce more benefits at a smaller cost.

Learning more about how photography really works will mean you can get the best out of the equipment you have, you better understand when you really need new equipment and you can make better decisions when you buy equipment. Knowledge can save you money.

Workshops at Elite Studio has a range of workshops to suit photographers at all stages of their learning.

Starting Out

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Developing Your Interest

Seeing the Light - understanding the photographer's basic tool

Take your photography to the next level by understanding the properties of light. How light shapes our images, how it can be controlled or modified and how it affects exposure and metering

Photographing People

Natural Beauty - The Art of Natural Light Portraits

Unnatural Light - Creative flash on and off camera

Studio Brilliance - Portrait Lighting in the Studio

Night Portraits - Don't be afraid of the Dark