Studio Portrait Master Class

Portrait photography in the studio offers a levels of control and creativity that is difficult to achieve in other locations. Mastering the use of studio lighting can open up a world of possibilities for creating great portraits.

The Studio Portrait Master Class will give you a solid understanding of the principles of studio lighting and how to apply them to achieve different looks for your subjects. 

  • the basic elements of portraiture
  • the different categories of lights
  • how to build a lighting set up
  • positioning and posing your subject 
  • adjusting the lights to your subject
  • working with people to bring out their best
  • adding emotion to your images
  • bringing images from concept through to capture 

The full day workshop is a practically based learning experience. You will be guided through exercises photographing a model to create different looks. Each exercise is designed to enhance your skills in dealing with the various conditions you may encounter and recognising the best way to create the images you want.