Studio Brilliance

Portrait photography in the studio offers a level of control and creativity that is sometimes difficult to achieve in other locations. Working in the studio also brings with it a huge range of equipment that can be used, equipment that can be intimidating to someone new to the studio. People aren't sure whether to use constant lights or strobes, hot lights or cold lights, manual or TTL flash and then there are the huge range of attachments to shape the light. Is a softbox better than an umbrella? What about a beauty dish? Diffusers? Reflectors? Scrims? Gobos. It all sounds like a different language.

Studio lighting is not hard, understanding a few basic concepts makes the whole set up friendlier and accessible.

  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different types of lighting
  • The best way of using different types of light
  • How to determine correct exposure
  • Understand how different light modifiers will change the light
  • Learn how to know where to position the lights for different looks
  • How different lighting patterns can change how your subject looks
  • How to build a lighting set up, quickly and efficiently

A great mixture of practical exercises to reinforce the lighting theory you have learned and plenty of opportunities to create different lighting looks to shoot with our professional model. This full day workshop will have you lighting like a pro in no time.