Seeing The Light

Seeing The Light

The Photographers Main Tool

Photography is all about light. Photography literally means drawing with light. Without light, you have no photographs. From a basic phone camera to a top professional camera system, cameras are just tools to capture the light. The controls allow you to control the light, but the most important factor the light itself.

The interaction between light and your subject creates a pattern of light and shade that gives you depth in your 2-dimensional photos. If you change the lighting, you create a different view of your subject. Learning how light shapes your subject, lets you manipulate the lighting to create different looks.

Exposure, controlling light with aperture, shutter speed and ISO, these are tools that you learn early in your photography. Looking at exposure in a deeper way, you understand how brightness, metering and exposure truely relate to each other. This lets you understand and control the tonality of your image creatively.

About the Workshop

The workshop will teach you

  • the basic laws of light
  • how lighting affects our perception in photographs
  • the effects of diffusion, reflection and absorption
  • the important qualities of light
  • how to modify lighting
  • the use of studio lights and light modifiers
  • how to analyse how photos have been lit

The full day workshop is a mixture of demonstration and practical photography suitable for intermediate and advanced photographers. For $195 (less for students or if you bring a friend) it will change the way you look at the world and how you see and take photographs.



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