Photographing People

People are one of the most common subjects to photograph and there are many different reasons to photograph people. We photograph people for documentary, art, fashion and portraiture. Each genre has a different purpose which drives the creative process behind taking the photograph.

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” — Paul Caponigro

Photographing People is a practical workshop which looks at the foundation principles of people photography. You will explore how these fundamentals can be used to create images that reflect the style of photography that you want to capture.

"The camera has no opinion, no emotion, it just renders — and so the emotional components of a photograph live on each side of the camera." -Norman Jean Roy

Your camera is an essential ingredient for any photograph, but there is so much more to photographing people. The workshop focuses not just on the camera but controlling what happens in front of the lens and understanding your role behind the lens and how these combine to create great photographs.

The Photographing People workshop will teach you -

  • the 3 important elements in photographing people
  • how to evaluate your subject
  • tips to getting your subjects to relax
  • posing people to look and feel comfortable
  • why lighting effects your images
  • about creating emotional connections in your photos
  • to add variety to your photos in an efficient way

This full day workshop uses a mixture of demonstration, instruction and practical shooting with models to teach you the skills required to photograph people well. The workshop has a strict limit of 6 participants so you will have plenty of access to your tutor to ask questions and lots of opportunities to practice the skills you have learned and take great photos of our models.

The workshop is suitable for photographers of any level, a good understanding of camera functions is an advantage but not essential.