Controlling Your Camera

Creative use of your camera's controls

Controlling your camera will teach you to understand your camera's controls and how to use those controls creatively.

Modern cameras come with an array of different controls that will affect your photographs. You can allow the camera to do many of them automatically and often the camera will do a reasonable job with the settings.  What do you do if what the camera decides doesn't do what you want? Without understanding how the controls work, you have no recourse. Learning about the camera settings allows you to make creative decisions to enhance your photos. Understanding the settings also allows you to control of the settings you need for a particular result but allow the camera to automatically control other settings that are not crucial for your creative ideas.

During the full day workshop you will learn about :-

  • correct exposure
  • exposure controls - what they do and how to use them creatively
  • white balance selection
  • how to use the cameras light meter
  • introduction to flash

As you take control of your camera, you will discover more possibilities opening up for creative photos of your subjects. The workshop also gives you plenty of opportunity to take some great photos as well as learning.