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Photography Workshops and Courses

People who want better photos often look at buying a better camera. In reality, better photos come from better photographers rather than better cameras. Investing in learning new skills will have more impact on your photography than most equipment.

Photography workshops help you understand more about photography, adding new skills and techniques to use as you shoot. This understanding will help you can get the best out of the equipment you have. It will also help you better understand when you really need new equipment and you can make better decisions when you buy equipment. Knowledge can save you money.

Workshops at Elite Studio has a range of workshops to suit photographers at all stages of their learning, from beginners to more advanced photographers and those who want to take their passion and turn it into a profession.

Starting Out

Picture Perfect - how to take better photos on any camera, anywhere, anytime.

Controlling Your Camera - understanding your camera's controls and how to use them creatively.

Developing Your Interest

Seeing the Light - understanding the photographer's basic tool

Take your photography to the next level by understanding the properties of light. How light shapes our images, how it can be controlled or modified and how it affects exposure and metering

Photographing People

Location Portrait Master Class - Take great portraits anywhere

Studio Brilliance - Portrait Lighting in the Studio

Night Portraits - Don't be afraid of the Dark